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Life, it’s a funny thing sometimes.

So far our area has had some pretty harsh winter conditions. Like most in Acadiana, our homes were built to help them stay cool not so much for freezing temperatures. We recently had to deal with what a lot of people are dealing with, freezing pipes. I will give you some tips on what you should do if you find yourself in any type of disaster, whether it’s flooding, hurricane’s or busted pipes.

What a disaster!

A couple of weeks ago our temperatures pretty much shut every thing down in Louisiana. It sent us home, children were out of school and we were all pretty bored. So my husband decided he was going to cook a chili and I was planning on catching up on some housework. I figured I could get all of my “weekly chores” done so I could enjoy the weather once it warmed up. I decided to wash some clothes without thinking twice of doing so since we had water to every faucet in the house. So I start the washer and got a batch of clothes washing and go about my business. About 10 minutes later it sounded like Mount Rushmore was in my house! All I could hear was water gushing out of somewhere and I soon realized it was coming from my utility room. I ran there and was shocked to see water everywhere. At this point I can only see that it was coming from the back of the washer, so I rush outside to turn off the water to the house. I ran back inside only to realize its still poring everywhere! I turned off my washer at this point because I realize it’s trying to drain after running through the spin cycle. I never even thought or realized that my p-trap was frozen. My entire washer emptied the water into my small utility room, which caused roughly 1.5-2 inches of water to gather on to the floor and to come out into my kitchen and living room. I am so grateful this happened while we were home and were able to catch it right away.

The fun stuff..

Now came the fun part; cleaning it all up! My utility room is only 6x9 so it’s pretty small. Inside of it is my washer, dryer, hot water tank and all of my dry food on a shelf. So we start the process of removing my washer, dryer and shelving and we start to clean up the water. What we found after trying to clean up the water is that the water got under the tiles that were original to the house, every time we stepped on the tiles water would just come up from underneath. We quickly realized that we would have to drain the hot water tank in order to dry up the floor under it, so out it came! I’ve learned a lot in real estate and I know how fast mold and mildew can set in. Being able to see the water coming from under the tiles worried me. So I peeled up one of the tiles and realized that the sub floor was pretty wet.

Impromptu remodel!

At this point we know we have no choice but to pull the floor up so mold and mildew does not set in! So we set to work and got the floor up. There wasn’t a part of the subfloor that wasn’t wet! After pulling up the tile, we let the floor dry. After drying the floor we had to remove the glue from the flooring before we could put anything down on the subfloor. It was so sticky we were sticking to it and it was pretty hard to function in there like that. After we stripped the subfloor down we purchased a mold remover and prevention spray and applied that on the floor. Just because you dry it up doesn’t mean that you are in the clear for mold issues! After that we were able to complete our remodel. Now we have all new appliances, flooring, paint and baseboards.

What you should remember…

If you find yourself in any situation, whether it’s flooding or natural disaster, you should take lots of pictures before, during and after and make sure they are dated. You will need them if you file an insurance claim. Keep all of your invoices or receipts, especially if you will be selling anytime soon. This helps you show any prospective buyers the types of materials used and who did the work in case there’s any issues in the future with it. If you flood make sure you use some type of mold remediation in the home and never use bleach! Mold is sporous and will grow if you try to clean it with bleach.

Paint color is: Beach Glass by Benjamin Moore and the very nice people at Bayou Paints, LLC - Benjamin Moore can help with any of your paint and stain needs.

Flooring is: Oyster Travertine Vinyl Tile from Lowe's

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Life, it’s a funny thing sometimes.So far our area has had some pretty harsh winter conditions. Like most in Acadiana, our homes were built to help them stay cool not so much for freezing

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